About Us

Bonafide Tours and Expeditions provides meaningful and genuine tour experiences for our guests.  Our commitment to service is unwavering.  The Bonafide business model is designed with three cornerstones in mind: growing community economies, growing personal relationships, and causing no unnecessary harm to the natural environment.

Todd Comen, the founder of Bonafide Tours and Expeditions began organizing and leading small groups of international visitors, students, and colleagues into rural Vermont and to rural international destinations in the late 1990’s and has been doing so ever since for educational, recreational, and leisure purposes.

Bonafide Tours and Expeditions are intentionally tailored to meet the learning and lifestyle aspirations of our guests.  With a PhD in Food Systems and Landscape Ecology from the University of Vermont and a passion for living the rural life, Professor Comen designs a keen sense of the authentic into every Bonafide Tour and Expedition.  Knowing food systems, from the small farm to rustic cuisine hand crafted carefully by talented culinary artists is what guests who tour with Bonafide Tours look forward to every day.

Local knowledge is key to resilient communities and is also a guiding principle in organizing memorable Bonafide Tours and Expeditions.  Our guides know first-hand the agricultural and cultural icons, leaders, and pioneers who work the land, craft the cheese, hew the beams, turn the clay, paint on canvas, tap the trees, sauté the wild mushrooms, and weave the textiles.  Our guides have tasted and tested the cuisine and liquors hand crafted in the restaurants, bars, breweries, and wine rooms that stand on their own as part of Bonafide Tours and Expeditions.

Custom tours for corporate meetings and retreats, conventions, wedding parties, family reunions, and incentive travel programs are focused on what makes Vermont a special place to visit.   With feet firmly planted in Vermont and New England, the Bonafide team customizes day and multi-day experiences.  To ensure high quality and memorable experiences, Bonafide Tours organizes its guests into small groups of up to 15 passengers.

Personal, professional, and passionate are the themes which underpin the values of our guides, our leaders, and our tour organizers.  We know rural, because we live rural, and our goal is to deliver a memorable experience grounded in the rural communities visited by Bonafide Tours and Expeditions.

Bonafide Tours and Expeditions specializes in tours around Vermont and designs and leads extraordinary international and domestic expeditions for up to two weeks to rural destinations off the beaten path.  These destinations include the region of Maramures Romania, rural and coastal Costa Rica, Grenada in the Caribbean, the Douro region of Portugal, and the rugged coastline of Northern California from San Francisco to Mendocino County.

Knowing rural destinations inland and along waterways is at the heart of our business.  We take the time to know the talented people who make up our rural communities including farmers, food processors, naturalists, architects, craft brewers and spirit makers, musicians, and fine artists and artisans.

Whether you are visiting Vermont for a wedding, conference, business, or leisure and relaxation, Bonafide Tours and Expeditions can craft an authentic experience for you or your group.  Our tours can be customized to meet group tastes or choose from one of our select tours designed to inspire, enliven, and inform our guests about rural life ways in Vermont or at one of our select destinations.