May! It’s Farmers Market Time In Vermont!

Today is the first day of the Montpelier outdoor Farmers Market and the day of the very popular Onion River Sports Bike Swap.  To top it off, the sun is out and the thermometer is almost hitting 70.  The streets of Montpelier, the smallest state capitol city in the U.S. are jammed with people, mostly […]

Sweet Spring!

The sweet smell of spring fills the air in Vermont when finally the sap begins to flow to the tops of the birch, beech, and maple trees.  Vermonters make time to celebrate spring by venturing out of their winter burrows to visit a Vermont Sugar house at the end of March.  Those who do get out enjoy […]

Waiting For Spring!

In Vermont spring is sure to come.  The question on everyone’s mind is, when?  The sugar makers have tapped their trees, and a short sap run happened last week when the thermometer reached towards the 50’s in some locations.  Yet spring is elusive in New England, and particularly in Vermont where today, March 15th, 2015, […]


  Vermonters are a hardy people, and making it through February without going south is a sign of true grit!  February is always cold in Vermont, but this year is exceedingly cold, and without a let up in the weather pattern the frigid temperatures persist.  This morning, February 24th, record cold lows were set for […]

Agricola Farm Dinner

Warmth of the hearth in the depth of winter!   In the depth of winter on Friday February 13, 30 people ventured out in minus 12 degree temperatures to a pop-up dinner in Panton Vermont.  Amongst the expansive snow covered fields and intermittent dairy farms of Addison County is Agricola Farm, a Bonafide Vermont land-trust […]

Squirrels and Owls

I just came indoors from splitting firewood in the woodshed. This time of year, whenever it warms up above 20 degrees, I like to split wood by hand.  It keeps me in some semblance of shape and I extend the stove wood supply for another couple of days. I learn new things when I go […]

Sunrise over snow covered fields

Crisp, cold mornings persist this time of year in Vermont as the Great Lakes freeze over creating a cloudless weather pattern. Temperatures plunge, like this morning when the mercury bunches up on itself at 15 degrees below zero! As the day dawns with an orange glow beyond the mountain range to the east, I awake […]